Glucose, Baby

Sugar is one of those things I don’t believe I am constantly consuming. I don’t drink soda, I don’t often buy candy and when I do decide to give in to temptation I go straight for the ice cream regardless of whether or not its cold outside. Trying to analyze where I go wrong in my diet is extremely hard. I am skinny, but does that mean I am healthy?

watching Food Inc. left me speechless because the one thing I am guilty about is thinking fat free is a healthier option in my life. I am a fan of Special K cereal and try to buy the granola bar with the most protein and the least fat, but I WAS WRONG. Nothing in life is free, or too good to be true. We are constantly paying the consequence of every part of our actions whether it be good or bad. When it comes to the sugar we consume, there is a lack of awareness of how much of it we are actually taking in, causing obesity in the United States. We are constantly being shown how much sugar is in our drinks, from soda to juice we are asked to limit our consumption but why are we not being told how much sugar is being used on the “healthy” option? The cereal that is supposed to help you loose weight or the dressing with less fat, that we are trying to loose? is it that corporations enjoy making money off a health issue? Work out, consume our product and see mo real result because of all the sugar you are consuming.

I for example, love ketchup. I add it to almost every meal but when I think of confusing ketchup I think of tomatoes and potentially salt. but  guess what?  A tablespoon-size serving has four grams of sugar which is more sugar than a typical chocolate chip cookie? Talk about a sweet tooth without even knowing it.

After learning about food politics, I find it hard to not feel guilty about what I am eating. I jokingly tell my peers my new diet will consist of water because everything is so processed. We are not questioning what we eat in america because it’s affordable and tasty but that is the problem I am ready to tackle, I aim to read the labels more often and understand where my food is coming from. I don’t want to be another blinded American looking for a bargain that will cost me much more in the future